Friday, May 27, 2005

LVM2 vs EVMS (part deux)

After a bit of digging, it looks like LVM2 is going to be easier to install, but EVMS has a very nice GUI for managing volumes. It appears that EVMS can sit on top of LVM2, so I might be able to use both of them...


One of those things that annoys me. I'm going to be getting a new laptop soon, onto which I will be installing Gentoo. I was planning to use LVM2, as it looks interesting and I'd like to have a play with it; and a new installation the ideal opportunity to do that.

However, looking at the Gentoo docs it also mentions EVMS, so now I have the job of researching both and deciding which I should use. The problem with situations like this is that I'm unlikely to be able to find a decent fair and impartial comparison on which to base my opinion, much like it's difficult to get good impartial advice on which text editor to use.

So, I'll research round, find out what I can, and probably at some point in the future I'll try the other. And only then will I really find out which is better suited to my needs. :-(