Thursday, March 06, 2008

Snow in Texas

Snow is something of a headline news event in Texas. It hits the new and they stay with it for hours. The radar map is shown continually with the meteorologist showing how things are moving, what they think is going to happen and showing at-the-scene reports from out and about showing how the weather is playing havoc with traffic.

We had snowfall here a couple of days ago (up to a couple of inches) but it went away quickly the next morning.

Today it's snowing again, and it's looking like being a lot heavier. They reckon it could get up to four inches thick.

I've taken a couple of photos from my front doorway to show how things are going:

I'm not entirely sure why snow is such a big deal here compared to the UK. One reason could be that it's very flat around here quite a bit, so there is little cover. To add to that there are a large number of bridges and overpasses that have little cover too which ice over very quickly in cold wind when wet, even without snow.

The other problem is that many cars here are automatics with no option to move into a higher gear. my CX-9 has an auto gearbox but has a sequential manual shift mode that allows me to select second gear for setting off, and this helps a great deal. I feel sorry for drivers who can't do that.

Fortunately it's supposed to be clear and warmer on Sunday, so my flight shouldn't be delayed.

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Stuart Grimshaw said...

You live in bloody Texas!!! You've had more snow than us ... :(