Tuesday, April 22, 2008

All Go on thursday

A couple of things are launching on Thursday that are of relevance to me.

First of all there's the release of Ubuntu Hardy Heron: I've just come into the Ubuntu world having decided to install it on my new machine's replacement hard drive (couldn't be bothered to install Gentoo again, and fancied a change anyway).

I installed a beta version of Hardy Heron anyway when I installed, so the launch on Thursday won't actually have that much of an effect on me. Still a big event anyway for those who use Ubuntu or Linux in general (or are thinking of doing so).

The other thing that happens on Thursday is the opening of the new QuikTrip just up the road from where we live (it will be on Justin Rd, FM407 in Lewisville, TX). At least, it will be Thursday if the "open in X days" signs outside are being properly kept up to date. :)

It will be nice to have a QT so close for a number of reasons: we don't currently have a competitive place to buy fuel from, especially when heading north. QT is also an excellent place to get drinks from (fountain drinks, slushies etc), which will be very welcome in the appraoching summer. Also (and to tie this loosely into the previously blogged theme of weight loss), it's going to be close enough to walk to. which will provide us with a way to get some exercise. Walk up there, buy a drink and walk back.

I wonder if anything else of interest to me is happening on Thursday that I'm not aware of?

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