Friday, October 26, 2007

New start, new layout

So I've decided to start posting here again, somewhat inspired by the blog of a colleague of mine.

To mark the occasion I've changed the layout. I think this one is a lot clearer.

I stopped writing on this blog partially because of time, and partially because I'm really self-conscious. I foudn myself wondering too much how my writings were being perceived by other people. Did they think my writing sucked? Did they think I was wasting my time? etc...

But I don't think it actually matters. What matters if that I write for myself and enjoy doing it. And I do enjoy writing this stuff: it amuses me and gives me something I can reflect back on in the future, long after I forget what I have written.

So, hopefully I'll be posting reasonably frequently now, and I don't care who (if anybody) reads and what they think of what I write...

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