Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Pocket Space

Well, Summer is fast approaching here in the UK, and that brings with it the usual problem that I have that this year is worse than usual: less pockets.

As it gets warmer, I stop taking a coat/jacket around with me, and that leaves me with fewer places to put things. This year I have an iPod to carry around as well as my Palm and phone; not to mention the usual items such as wallet, coins and keys.

I'm starting to think it's really time for one device that will do the job of a PDA, phone and MP3 player. The trick is to make the device as good at each of those tasks as a dedicated item is.

For example, an MP3 player has few controls on its body. They need to be large and easy to find and press without looking (for example, skipping track while the device is in your pocket). The PDA needs a large screen that can display anything. It's difficult to see how they can satisfy the design requirements for all three devices.

But, that's why I'm not a designer.

We've had PDA and phone combinations for a while. PalmOne's LiveDrive appears to be a stab at being a PDA and Phone combination. Who is going to take the next step and integrate all three?

For now I suppose I'll just put my hands in my pockets and saunter on. That's if I can find room for them of course.

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