Sunday, June 05, 2005

Why can't windows just work?

So there I was all smug about my nice shiny versioned WebDAV folder, when Windows goes and buggers it all up.

You see, it doesn't work.

You can quite happily create a 'WebFolder' (as Windows likes to call it) and you can browse through it. But most of the applications out there don't recognise it. Everything would be fine if you could only map a drive letter to the folder, but no. Micro$oft have to go only nearly finish the job and only make it nearly useful.

So, I've had to find something else. And so I have. It's a Novell product called NetDrive, which you should be able to find an any number of places online (4.1 is the version I've found). It works, and it's free (it's look like it's been replaced by a non-free program called WebDrive, but NetDrive is working fine for me).

The only problem is it's another application to have sitting in your system tray, but it's not too bad really. It supports https and maps the WebDAV folder to a drive letter, so you can happily use the folder with whatever application you fancy: they don't know the difference.

Bloody Micro$oft...

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